Why Should I choose ESCEM?


Our Bachelor’s degree in international management is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education

The Ministry of Higher Education accredits few French Bachelors. This accreditation is a key point, as a Graduate Student from ESCEM’s Bachelor in International Business can apply to study on a Master’s degree in Business at French and International Universities.
The aim of the Bachelor in International Management is to help successful students gain immediate access to suitable Management, Product Marketing and Service Marketing positions in a large variety of Business sectors all around the world.
ESCEM develops its course contents to match companies’ needs and provides support for students in their search for their first job.
Our Bachelor’s degree is 16 years old and its alumni are located all round the world, allowing students to network successfully.


For a premium welcome

ESCEM offers the best possible welcome to international students. Our International Office is dedicated to helping them through all the State process (visa) and to helping them find housing, open a bank account, pay their social security fees… Every step, there is someone to help them through the process.
Students and staff welcome our International Students at the train station or Tours airport on their arrival to take them to their flat or the campus.
A Student Association, ALOHA, is dedicated to organizing trips, visiting vineyards and castles, organizing parties such as « Friendsgiving » and helping the International Students to be part of the ESCEM experience. Each International Student is linked to a French Student on a « Buddy Program » : they meet their « buddy » as ALOHA organizes a special night out to help them learn more about French Students’ way of life, the city, tips for school…
Finally, all International Students are required to take induction week activities (French language seminar, French Cultural seminar) and a European Cultural Seminar. It is a great opportunity to mix with students from different backgrounds and to learn something new about the French Culture.


For the serenity of a big provincial city

The modules take place in a campus with spacious rooms only few minutes from the city center. Tours is a nice provincial city, one-hour (by train) from Paris, one-hour (by plane via Tours’ airport) from London or Madrid and is located in the the Loire Valley, surrounded by castles and vineyards. Tours is well known for its gastronomy (Vouvray is a sparkling Wine) and well known around the world for being « the city where living is an art ». It is the best city to experience the French way of life.



International Students have a coordinator they can turn to when they have a problem. ESCEM’s Pedagogy is based on tutorship and supervision to help students gain autonomy and a high academic level. Far from big impersonal theaters, teachers at ESCEM are dedicated to helping the students succeed.


For the quality of ESCEM Faculty

ESCEM teachers on the Bachelor in International Management program come from all over the world and speak English fluently. They have both teaching and work experience. Their courses are based on intensive seminars, similar to the professional format of many executive education programmes. This allows for great flexibility with a custom-made schedule.


For the experience of studying at ESCEM

We are very proud of our international students and we love to hear about their experience living in France. Feel free to discover their testimonies by clicking on the following links.

Kate Porto, a Colombian student from the Universidad del Norte on a double degree exchange at ESCEM.

Silvia Suparyaman, an Indonesian student from the University of Gadjah Mada on a double degree exchange at ESCEM.

Emmanuel Amoah, a British student from the University of Greenwich on a double degree exchange at ESCEM.

Giuseppe Simeone, an Italian student from the University of Greenwich on a double degree exchange at ESCEM.

Dannielle Wright, a British student from the University of Greenwich on a double degree exchange at ESCEM.