Student life

At ESCEM, students are part of the ESCEM family: all students and staff are always available to help you, listen to you and share their time with you.

In September, one of our students or staff members welcomes international students when they arrive at Tours train station. Then, we organize a day dedicated to banking and healthcare so that international students can directly settle in for their stay in France. Several banks as well as insurance companies will be invited on the campus and English-speaking advisors will be available to inform and help you.

ESCEM student associations organize many events. You will have the possibility to participate in all the events and to discover our campuses. 

The Aloha association is dedicated to international students. Trips, events, dinners and a lot more are organized throughout the year.


A great international experience is a well-prepared international experience.
ESCEM has listed some good tips to bear in mind before coming to France:

1. Do I need a Visa?

If you come from a European Union country AND you have the European citizenship, you don’t need a visa.

Otherwise you need a Visa. Take all the information you can get from the French Consulate of your home country. Be careful, the deadlines are sometimes very long: anticipate!

Only people getting « un Visa Long Séjour valant Titre de Séjour (VLS-TS)” will be able to receive Caf housing benefits.

Information about VLS-TS

Information about VLS-T « étudiant » (Visa Long Séjour-Temporaire)

More information

2. Am I sure my passport and/or my ID are valid and not out-of-date?

3. Am I sure I can finance all the expenses needed for my trip?

Visa expenses: depends on the home country: Minimum 60€.
Accommodation (depending on the location and the type of apartment): 224€ – 550€ /month.
Public transportation: City bus and tram pass (students under 26 years old: 23€ /month and students from 26 years old: 45€ /month).
Meals (cooking at home): between 200€ and 300€ / month
Communication (phone plan): From 3 to 30€ /month

4. What do I need to do to open a bank account?

If you want to open a French bank account, you need to provide the following documents:

Your passport and visa,
A student card or certificate (acceptance letter),
Proof of a French address (a bill, contract, etc.).

If you would like to have more detailed information about the experience abroad at ESCEM, the services we offer and life in France, you can refer to: