Achieve two Master's degrees and a work and study program (alternance). Take advantage of the leading management and digital expertise at ESCEM Business School (France)
and University of Greenwich's Business School (UK).
You will strengthen your intercultural abilities, learn to develop integrated communication strategies, and benefit from both institutions' extensive networks. This program is designed to provide graduates and professionally qualified managers with understandings of key aspects of marketing communications and the necessary skills to research, assess, and evaluate data and implement marketing strategies.

The University of Greenwich offers future students the opportunity to stay in a dormitory at Macmillan Village just minutes from the campus.

1st semester in London


Foundations of scholarship
Research methods

International Marketing & Communication

Developing advertising and promotional strategy
Inside the customer's mind (EU)

2ème semestre en France

International marketing & communication

International negociation in marketing & communication
International public relations & sponsorship
Branding strategy in international business
Communication & social media marketing
Global communication strategies
Business strategy simulation

Professional tools

Business English
TOEIC training
Consulting missions
Professional Activity report

International Markets

Business with America
Business with Middle-East
European markets
International trade and customs
Geopolitical risk management

International Management

Key account management
Engineering and financing international projects

International Marketing & communication

Customer experience tracking
Online communication strategy

Professional development tools

Consulting mission softwares (Excel advanced)
Thesis and defense
Coaching and personal development
Business English
Préparation TOEIC

Manager du Développement Commercial et International Reconnu par l'État niveau 1
Diplôme inscrit au RNCP par arrêté du 11 juillet 2018, publié au journal officiel du 21 juillet 2018 (code NSF 312m) et délivré sous l’autorité de SAS ISIMI-PPA.

Studying rythm

Rythme d'étude ESCEM - Cycle Mastère 4

4th year

Work-and-study program possible
Septembre - Décembre

Courses in London

Janvier - Août

Courses in France (work-and-study program possible)

Rythme d'étude ESCEM - Cycle Mastère 5

5th year

Work-and-study program compulsory
Septembre - Août

Courses in France (work-and-study program compulsory)

Possible careers



Average salary on graduation


Average salary after 10 years of working experience