ESCEM's objective is to form young and open-minded professionals, able to work in an international context and a multicultural environment. With respect to its mission, every ESCEM student has to have an international experience as well as a high English level by the end of the Bachelor program.
To implement this ambitious international policy, a personal support system allows students to make their own choices regarding their professional career. Each student develops their own international strategy, by choosing between foreign universities and/or an internship abroad, to reach their personal objectives.
To offer students a large range of possibilities, ESCEM has 48 international agreements with universities spread all over the world.

University of Granada



ESCEM is part of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education and has the ability to deliver grants for students, staff and faculty members that want to expand their horizons by studying or working abroad.

2014-2020 Charte Erasmus en français

2014-2020 Erasmus Charter (English version)

Strategy Erasmus

This grant is restricted to students wanting to carry out an internship in Europe or a study exchange program in one of our partner universities in Europe.

To receive their grant, students MUST return the documents listed below:

          Nominative bank details 

          Euopean health insurance card (EHIC) or its equivalent

          Grant request document signed by the student 

    « Erasmus + mobility kit »: this document must be completed and signed by their partner university or receiving company and themselves. 

          Certificate of attendance once having completed their study semester or internship abroad

 Before the departure, students will receive an email from the Online Logistic Support platform. To receive their grants, two tests MUST be undertaken online by the students after their registration on the platform (Visit the platform)
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 Ce projet a été finance avec le soutien de la Commission européenne. La sélection des participants au programme Erasmus + s’effectue sur la base de critères académiques ainsi que sur la motivation et le projet professionnel de l’étudiant. Les personnes en situation de handicap peuvent bénéficier du programme Erasmus + au titre d’une bourse spécifique en complément de la bourse de mobilité qui prendre en charge leurs frais supplémentaires engendrés par leur séjour en Europe (jusqu’à 100% des frais réel encourus. Ce projet a été financé avec le soutien de la Commission européenne.

 Coordinateur Erasmus + : Julie DORKELD 02 47 22 43 90



Students from Tours and Orléans campuses: MOBICENTRE

Students from Poitiers campus : Bourse de la Découverte, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Both grants are delivered to students going for an exchange program from one semester to one year, in addition to the Erasmus grant if the destination is in Europe.

For an internship, students can benefit from their regional grant, if the destination is outside Europe. For the 2017/2018 academic year, students from the Poitiers campus won’t have access to any grants if they choose to study out of Europe (due to the recent merging of regions in France).

For any question regarding those grants, please contact the International Office: or 


Once students have chosen their destination country, (whether they will be studying at a partner university or working as an intern in a company), comes the preparation period.

We have listed some good tips to have in mind before going abroad.

First you need to read all the information you find about the visa and travelling conditions to your destination country:

1. Do I need a visa?

a.       What type of Visa?

b.      What is the delivery time of the Visa?

c.       Which organization do I have to contact to prepare the Visa?

Be careful, sometimes obtaining a visa can take up to six months so ANTICIPATING your request is primordial! 

2.       My passport and ID MUST be valid (at least until the end of my trip)

Pay attention to your ID expiry date, in France the validity date of your ID can be prolonged for 5 additional years BUT your ID will not be valid abroad, even in the European Union! In this case, make sure you have a valid passport.

3.       I need insurance and healthcare contracts

If I am sick, injured, if I lose my luggage or ID during my trip, I need specific insurance because the costs and legislation can vary a lot depending on the destination country.

4.       How can I manage my fees and expenses abroad?

Banking systems and charges are different depending on your destination AND your bank. Make sure you discuss it with your bank advisor before your departure. You might need a new credit card, additional transfers and explanations about the different fees the bank could charge when you withdraw money or pay by credit card.

Carefully read all the information you can find about the destination country, the culture, the accommodation details, the travelling conditions… Be prepared!