International experience in ESCEM programs

ESCEM objective is to form young professionals open-minded, able to work in an international context and a multicultural environment. With respect to its mission, the school enforces an international experience to every student as well as a high English level by the end of the Bachelor.

To implement this ambitious international policy, a personal support system allows students to make their own choices regarding their professional career. Each student develops its own international strategy, by choosing between foreign universities and/or an internship abroad, to reach his personal objectives. By integrating one our Bachelor Program, students will learn how to prepare an expatriation, look for an internship abroad and develop a special commitment toward their international studies.

ESCEM has developed a range of multi-cultural programs that enable the future managers to be operational in an evolutive business world. In each program, a specific period is hold for the international experience that is mandatory to graduate.
The international experience is a real life-changing adventure, it provides the necessary maturity to evolve in a competitive world, develop the student’s creativity and reactivity in front of unexpected events and contributes to the self-development of our students.

Discover the international opportunities at ESCEM.

Bachelor in International Management (Tours and Poitiers campuses)

The Bachelor in International Management prepare students to evolve and work in their future professional multicultural environment. The program is complete and allows students to capture the fundamentals of finance, commercial activities, corporate strategies and intercultural management. Those elements are essential to every future manager wanting to evolve within a national or an international environment.

Students must validate an international experience:

          Mandatory internship abroad of 2 months

          Exchange program and/or internship abroad of 6 months

          Possibility to realize a double degree with one of our partner universities

Among all the international agreements, 4 are available for a double degree program.

Students in Bachelor in International Management have the ability to realize their 3rd year in a foreign university. In that way, they graduate both from ESCEM and the foreign university.

This double degree program is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to develop a serious international background and have a real legitimacy in front of international or multinational companies.

It is also an exceptional life and social experience, to have the chance to evolve in a different cultural environment, create a wild range of unforgettable memories and discover other workplaces’ behaviors.

Double Degree programs :

–              Hochschule Pforzheim (Germany)     

–              Universidad del Norte (Colombia)       

–              Universitas Gadjah Mada (Indonesia)

–              West Georgia (USA)        

Bachelor in Business Development (Orléans campus)

The objective of our Bachelor in Business Development is to teach students to evolve and work in the commercial and the e-business fields. The Business Development is a key function in all companies as it is the initiator of the creation of long-term value for business, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

With this program, students will develop managerial skills, learn about finance, marketing, client-relation-ships and account management. Besides, they will have the ability to apply those skills and competencies in the field as the 3rd year apprenticeship program is mandatory.

In 3rd year, you can choose from 2 specializations:

          Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

          Business engineering

Being open-minded and able to speak English are two key assets in the business development field. Therefore, the first 2 months’ internship has to be made abroad, it is mandatory to validate the Bachelor degree. Students will follow some English-taught courses once they return in France during the 2 following years.

Bachelor in Tourism (Tours campus)

ESCEM of Business and Tourism implemented a new Bachelor Tourism Management program which answer to today’s business world of tourism needs. Tourism is a field in a constant growth in which diversity and innovation are primordial. This Bachelor is a great learning opportunity for all the students who have a special interest for foreign languages, social relation-ships and customer services.

Students in the Tourism field have to develop their knowledge of the international business world as well as their knowledge of the Tourism field specifically. To do that, they will follow courses of marketing & communication, geopolitics, economy, customer services skills… all dedicated to the tourism industry.

All the courses are English-taught and students have a lot of opportunities to go abroad studying, or working, the most of them are mandatory:

          1st year: a minimum 3 months’ internship abroad

     2nd year: humanitarian project conducted abroad and one semester in one of our partner universities

–     3rd year: a 6 months’ internship, possibility to conduct it abroad

        Place Plumereau, Tours